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World’s First Vegan Pro Soccer Team

How exciting, this came from my weekly Meat Out Mondays newsletter…

Vegan Soccer Team


The Internet went wild last week as the news that English soccer (A.K.A football) team, the Forest Green Rovers, announced that the entire team and club is going completely vegan.

“We stopped serving meat to our players, fans and staff about four seasons ago,” said club owner Dale Vince (via a recent article on He continued, “We’ve been on a mission since then to introduce our fans to this new world.” The article explains that while the club has been vegetarian for the past few years, they’ve decided to take the next step in going fully vegan (including their beer and cider options). Also cool to know: the club’s field is organic and they collect rainwater to use for irrigation. This is seriously super cool, you guys. Keep it up!

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Cruelty Free – One Protein Shake at a Time

arbonne-vanilla-shakeRecently I purchased the Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix and am delighted! I needed something I could bring with me to work to start my day or after I excercise in the morning. I’m sure there are lots of ways to enjoy it, but I usually put 1/2 banana, 1 scoop shake (10 grams of protein) and add cold almond/almond coconut milk (try adding an ice cube), then, in the blender and I’m off for the day!

It always makes me feel great to know that I can have an easy quick breakfast that is cruelty free and nutritious.

Get the scoop – nutrition and and ingredient info: protein-shake-mix

Certified Vegan and Kosher. Plus it has been GI Labs tested (low glycemic index testing) – this product has received a low glycemic rating and does not spike sugar levels.

How about a sample?
$5 | 2 scoops of vanilla protein shake and an Arbonne product catalog.
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Independent Consultant
Non-GMO food

Chipotle’s NEW Tofu Sofritas – California Drought and Veganism

The reasons for moving towards a plant-based diet or being vegan continues to expand. It challenges us in so many ways. For some it is an easy life-style to adapt, for others, it takes time to learn how to create dishes that we look forward to eating every night or find restaurants that have opened their menus to those who have chosen not to use animals in their meals.

drought-landscaptingAs the drought continues to hit California there is a growing understanding of the importance of conserving water. On NPR this week there was a news piece that discussed the growing businesses that are removing the grass lawns and creating environments that are drought friendly and do not use the amount of water used to keep green lawns. (This photo looks really beautiful to me, don’t think I’d miss my lawn).

California also is bringing attention to what they call the “water footprint” as their water must be used efficiently in creating food. For example, one glass of soymilk (plant based) has a water footprint of 9 gallons. Compare that to animal based where a glass of cow’s milk takes 30 gallons or a stick of butter 109 gallons. 80% percent of California’s water is used for agriculture and going vegan is one of the most effective ways to conserve this precious resource.

chitpotle-tofu sofritasChipotle has added a new menu item, the first in 20 years – Sofritas, a tofu-based burrito. Can’t wait to try one! They’ve found that 40 percent of the customers that order one are not vegan but are anxious to try something new. Try one soon at your local Chipotle as soon as they can get them in. They have been so popular that Chipotle has had difficulty getting the organic tofu needed to meet the demand!

(Information from Veg/News July/August 2014.)


More millennials are opting for plant-based diets

From: The Tennessean
By: Saritha Prabhu,

vegetablesThings are changing on the food front. Even Clarksville, the military town where I live, has its own vegan store now. The Tree of Life, which opened here a few months back, carries organic, vegan and gluten-free food.

I went there recently and bought a bunch of stuff for my newly vegan older son. Wonders never cease: My red-meat-loving, Coke-guzzling 6-foot-4 son went off to college in Washington, D.C., last fall and announced during Christmas break that he had become a pescetarian.

“A what?” I asked. “Pescetarian. It’s someone who eats fish and other seafood, but no red meat or poultry,” he said. “That’s wonderful!” I said. “Now I know there’s a God in heaven. I’d long wished you’d eat less meat.” So I fixed him fish and shrimp in December.

In the spring, during a short visit, he informed us that he’s no longer pescetarian but vegetarian. “That’s fine, too. Just make sure you’re getting enough protein,” I said. A vegetarian myself, I secretly rejoiced, thinking, “Guess the organic apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

When he came home this summer, he said he’d become a vegan. “Are you sure?” Isn’t it kind of extreme?” we asked him. But he was set on it, so we decided to be supportive.

It has been an interesting and instructive summer so far, and at times a little painful and funny. And expensive, I might add. Adjustments have been made in our family. I’ve learned to fix kale chips and veggie burgers and egg-less, dairy-less brownies for him.

My husband decided to skip eating chicken and fish out of respect for the vegan in our midst. My fridge and pantry now have an interesting assortment of Earth-friendly items: almond milk, Tofurky, soy cheese and the like.

Barbecue plans have been nixed, eating out options have become restricted.

Meanwhile, our rising college sophomore gave us a homework assignment: View a painful documentary on factory farming. “I’m not ready to be vegan just yet,” I told him. “I mean, I like cream in my coffee, and my homemade yogurt”

I also reminded him that an Indian-American family is a great place to be a vegan/vegetarian: Indians have had a few millennia to figure out how to make vegetarian food delicious.

It turns out my son is not that much an outlier. He is part of an invisible and fast-growing trend of millennials turning to plant-based diets. A study by the Hartman Group found 12 percent of millennials are “faithful vegetarians” versus 4 percent of Gen Xers and 1 percent of boomers.

In another study, campus foodservice divisions are reporting that “more students are aligning themselves along the less-meat to meatless spectrum from flexitarian to vegetarian to vegan and even raw diets.”

Meanwhile, an article reported that Bon Appetit Management Co. (which manages over 4,000 corporate, college and university accounts) found that from 2005 to 2010, there was a 50 percent increase in vegetarian students and a doubling in the percentage of vegan students.

The overall numbers are still small, but something heartening is happening: Millennials, many of whom care about animal rights and the environment, are making different food choices. And they, who are generally seen as social media-obsessed narcissists, are showing older generations the way in this area.

Daily Veg Inspiration from Will Tuttle

Hatred ceases only by love

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 02:07 AM PDT

Giraffe by artist Madeleine TuttleVegInspiration
Our human spiritual evolution is a calling to liberate ourselves and the animals we hold in bondage. It’s founded upon recognizing the unity of cause and effect: whatever seeds we sow in our consciousness we will reap in our lives.

The ancient teaching holds true: “Hatred ceases not by hatred, but by love. This is the everlasting law.” In the end, as Mahatma Gandhi emphasized, we must be the change we want to see in the world.

Prayer Circle for Today
Prayers for the nations of insects and other small creatures.

May compassion and love reign over all the earth for all the tiny beings who live in the soil, the trees, the water, and the air, creating harmony and balance with your songs, your pollinating of flowers, your graceful flight, your mysterious transformations, and your miraculous ability to literally create soil in which new plants can take root.

Dear dragonflies, bees, wasps, butterflies, mosquitoes, moths, beetles, cicadas, crickets, spiders, ants, and all of you who suffer immeasurably at the hands of people who do not understand the miracle of who you are, who poison you, stomp on you, and destroy your homes.

You are so small, and many of us who do care about you find ourselves bringing you harm.

We ask for your forgiveness and your help and together we bear witness to your suffering, take action to permanently end it, and send out our energy field of love and compassion to comfort you and to transform the hearts and souls of those who support the violent oppression of all of you.

Our love is all around you. Compassion encircles the earth for each of you and for all beings.

( 7 daily prayers by Judy Carman – our daily VegInspiration For The Day – our Prayer Circle For Animals Weekly Update – our Prayer Circle For Animals Facebook Group – our online self-paced WPD Facilitator Training – our WPD Facebook Group

Original watercolor painting by Madeleine Tuttle