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World’s First Vegan Pro Soccer Team

How exciting, this came from my weekly Meat Out Mondays newsletter…

Vegan Soccer Team


The Internet went wild last week as the news that English soccer (A.K.A football) team, the Forest Green Rovers, announced that the entire team and club is going completely vegan.

“We stopped serving meat to our players, fans and staff about four seasons ago,” said club owner Dale Vince (via a recent article on He continued, “We’ve been on a mission since then to introduce our fans to this new world.” The article explains that while the club has been vegetarian for the past few years, they’ve decided to take the next step in going fully vegan (including their beer and cider options). Also cool to know: the club’s field is organic and they collect rainwater to use for irrigation. This is seriously super cool, you guys. Keep it up!

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RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream

Things are looking up with a lifting and contouring eye cream

RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye CreamIt just gets better, I’m excited about trying this new product, just ordered it.

Things are really looking up. Achieve the appearance of more awakened, lifted skin along the delicate eye area. This rich cream helps skin look firmer and tighter around the eyes, and feel more plump and cushioned. Reveal skin that looks velvety smooth, replenished, and more youthful. Ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested. Use morning and evening.

It’s vegan and recognized by PETA. Helping animals and the planet couldn’t get any easier and you’ll look great!

RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream


beautiful cow face

Selective Seeing – VegInspiration | Dr. Will Tuttle PhD

Everyday I receive these daily reminders that we are taught to eat animals, we were not given a choice as children. I still remember my great discomfort, when as a child, I lived on a farm, helped raise the cows, named them, petted them, they were my friends and then they were killed and we ate them. Recreating ourselves as sentient beings that respect other sentient beings who have feelings and families is a spiritual growth towards peace and joy.

From: VegInspiration

We are taught as children to practice certain ways of seeing the world and of relating to others, and we gradually become adept in these practices. In our culture,Sarasota, FL - beach birds we are taught to practice disconnecting the reality of animal flesh and secretions in our meals from the actual reality of the animal cruelty required to get them onto our plates.

Going vegan is a commitment to practice something else, to practice in a completely different way than we were taught by our culture. Instead of practicing desensitizing, disconnecting, and reducing others, we practice reconnecting, resensitizing ourselves, and respecting others. This commitment comes from deep within us, from our inherent compassion and our inner urge to evolve spiritually and to live with awareness, kindness, freedom, and joy.

Microbeads ban in New York state

Ever wonder about those ‘plastic’ microbeads in your skin care

Microbeads ban in New York statePlastic microbeads are showing up by the tens of millions in the Great Lakes where “they become coated with toxins like PCBs and can be eaten by fish and other marine life. Scientists suggest that those toxins could be working their way back up the food chain to humans.” Sounds not worth it to us. No one should have to suffer because of our beauty routines. The may soon be illegal in New York. | It’s taken seven years, but California is finally cleaning up microbead pollution. Read article.

In California, nonprofits are using the state’s new stormwater requirements to sue plastic manufacturers for polluting waterways — and they’re winning. Citizen enforcement has always been an important part of the US Clean Water Act, which aims to prevent dangerous water pollution through regulation. Without the help of watchdog groups looking out for pollution in the country’s rivers and ports, state water boards would struggle to keep tabs on the tens of thousands of industrial manufacturing facilities in the US. The Guardian, March 27, 2015, The Scrubby Beads In Your Face Wash Might Soon be Illegal Read article.

What’s in Your skin care?

The Guardian is divesting from fossil fuels

divest from has played a huge part in large foundations and universities around the world deciding that investing in oil is contradictory to creating a healthy planet and people. The Guardian pulls out a huge amount of money from the fossil fuel industry. Stanford has divested and now we need the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust with the billions to stop investing in fossil fuel.

It does not serve the planet to say that you are devoted to health and invest in fossil fuels. Please help, call on the Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust to divest, your one voice added to thousands makes the difference. Read more