GMO is crossing Interspecies DNA – Doesn’t this Worry You?

Non-GMO foodAs the FDA IGNORES a public that wants GMO food labeled the New York Times has written an article that is in favor of labeling.

A lot of what I read is concerned with the pesticides used in GMOs which is creating health problems, but, not much is written about the mixing of interspecies DNA. The difference between creating a hybrid apple tree, let’s say, is that apple trees are used to create a new strain, not cows, pigs, cockroaches, lobsters or any other species DNA.

GMO’s can use any other animal, insect, even HUMAN DNA to create GMOs, without telling us that it has been done. They have been protected by the FDA. They do not have to tell us, they don’t have to do any lab testing. WE are the guinea pigs. And, they can’t be held liable for disease, illness or death caused by their freak food.

Read this article and when you go to the grocery store purchase food products that have joined the non-GMO labeling system for your health and your families health. New York Times article.

Your money is your most powerful weapon in creating safe, healty food sources.