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GMO is crossing Interspecies DNA – Doesn’t this Worry You?

Non-GMO foodAs the FDA IGNORES a public that wants GMO food labeled the New York Times has written an article that is in favor of labeling.

A lot of what I read is concerned with the pesticides used in GMOs which is creating health problems, but, not much is written about the mixing of interspecies DNA. The difference between creating a hybrid apple tree, let’s say, is that apple trees are used to create a new strain, not cows, pigs, cockroaches, lobsters or any other species DNA.

GMO’s can use any other animal, insect, even HUMAN DNA to create GMOs, without telling us that it has been done. They have been protected by the FDA. They do not have to tell us, they don’t have to do any lab testing. WE are the guinea pigs. And, they can’t be held liable for disease, illness or death caused by their freak food.

Read this article and when you go to the grocery store purchase food products that have joined the non-GMO labeling system for your health and your families health. New York Times article.

Your money is your most powerful weapon in creating safe, healty food sources.


Chris M - stop shark fin soup

Watch the video and sign my petition: Urge UPS to help save sharks

Please sign this petition and save the sharks…

UPS: Ban shipments of shark fins! From Care2 petitions:
Sharks are in big trouble. 100 million a year are being killed by humans, largely for shark fin soup. Recently, after being linked to an illegally harvested shipment of fins, American Airlines announced they would no longer take part in the global shark fin trade.  Watch this video to learn more about shark finning, then sign my petition urging UPS to take a similar step, and help protect sharks today.

I am a veteran, and started diving for therapeutic reasons. The first time I was in the water with sharks, I was mesmerized by how they would look me in the eye each time they swam by. After swimming with an amazing 14 foot tiger shark that the divers called Emma, it hit me that the next time I made it to this area to dive again, Emma might be gone, all because of a bowl of soup! I knew then that I wanted to help protect these misunderstood wild animals. Please take a moment to watch my video about shark finning, then sign my Care2 petition to help stop it.

Over 140 species of sharks are at risk of extinction right now. While sharks may sound scary, they have far more reason to be frightened of humans than we have reason to be afraid of them.

Even though many species of sharks are endangered and should be protected by international laws, fins are hard to identify, so illegal fishing continues to threaten these ancient marine predators.  That’s why it’s important to put pressure on every step in the global shark fin trade.UPS is the largest package delivery corporation on the planet, with a huge hub in China. The Hong Kong market for shark fin soup is enormous, and is driving the demand for fins. If UPS explicitly bans shark fin shipments, they’ll become a global leader for shark conservation.

Watch this video to learn more, then urge UPS to take this important step for sharks today.
Thanks for taking action!

Chris M
Care2 member
Chicago, IL
pictured with my service dog, AJ
Microbeads ban in New York state

Ever wonder about those ‘plastic’ microbeads in your skin care

Microbeads ban in New York statePlastic microbeads are showing up by the tens of millions in the Great Lakes where “they become coated with toxins like PCBs and can be eaten by fish and other marine life. Scientists suggest that those toxins could be working their way back up the food chain to humans.” Sounds not worth it to us. No one should have to suffer because of our beauty routines. The may soon be illegal in New York. Refinery29.com | It’s taken seven years, but California is finally cleaning up microbead pollution. Read article.

In California, nonprofits are using the state’s new stormwater requirements to sue plastic manufacturers for polluting waterways — and they’re winning. Citizen enforcement has always been an important part of the US Clean Water Act, which aims to prevent dangerous water pollution through regulation. Without the help of watchdog groups looking out for pollution in the country’s rivers and ports, state water boards would struggle to keep tabs on the tens of thousands of industrial manufacturing facilities in the US. The Guardian, March 27, 2015, The Scrubby Beads In Your Face Wash Might Soon be Illegal Read article.

What’s in Your skin care?

The Guardian is divesting from fossil fuels

divest from oil350.org has played a huge part in large foundations and universities around the world deciding that investing in oil is contradictory to creating a healthy planet and people. The Guardian pulls out a huge amount of money from the fossil fuel industry. Stanford has divested and now we need the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust with the billions to stop investing in fossil fuel.

It does not serve the planet to say that you are devoted to health and invest in fossil fuels. Please help, call on the Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust to divest, your one voice added to thousands makes the difference. Read more

Patended Seeds are Not an Invention

Corporations hold the purse strings to billions of dollars, they can skew information in any manner, purchase votes, sway Presidents and leaders of other nations. People have a right to know what is in their food and I’m stumped why the religious/spiritual leaders are not speaking up. If you choose to practice a particular diet for your spiritual practice, how will you know what is in the food since any

Join Dr. Vandana Shiva in Telling President Obama to Protect Seed Freedom and Food Democracy

President Obama will be meeting with Indian  Prime Minister Narendra Modi during India’s Republic Day celebrations on January 25 and 26. In response, activist, author and physicist, Dr. Vandana Shiva has written an open letter addressed to President Obama and Prime Minister Modi on seed freedom and food democracy urging the two leaders to renounce the patenting of life and to stop pursuing “harmonization” of seed patenting laws which would further extend corporate control of our seeds and food.

And she’d like you to sign it.

Why? The U.S. is pressuring the Indian government to conform to U.S. seed and patent law, subverting the strong patent laws India has, and threatening India’s small farmers. We are calling on President Obama to instead recognize seed freedom as essential to food security and to democracy.

In her letter, Dr. Shiva says:

“We hope you show great leadership by working together to strengthen the laws to protect your citizens and countries instead of making it easier for corporations to take control over life-forms for short term profits. Let us work toward a future where our food is our freedom.”

President Obama must hear from us that we care what the U.S. pushes upon other nations, and that we firmly believe that life should not be patented—anywhere.

Sign on in support Dr. Shiva’s letter!
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