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World’s First Vegan Pro Soccer Team

How exciting, this came from my weekly Meat Out Mondays newsletter…

Vegan Soccer Team


The Internet went wild last week as the news that English soccer (A.K.A football) team, the Forest Green Rovers, announced that the entire team and club is going completely vegan.

“We stopped serving meat to our players, fans and staff about four seasons ago,” said club owner Dale Vince (via a recent article on Edition.CNN.com). He continued, “We’ve been on a mission since then to introduce our fans to this new world.” The article explains that while the club has been vegetarian for the past few years, they’ve decided to take the next step in going fully vegan (including their beer and cider options). Also cool to know: the club’s field is organic and they collect rainwater to use for irrigation. This is seriously super cool, you guys. Keep it up!

Read the source article on Edition.CNN.com.

Victory! Governor McCrory Vetoes North Carolina Ag-Gag Bill

baby pigs     Today, in a victory for farmed animals in North Carolina and nationwide, North Carolina governor Pat McCrory vetoed the controversial “Ag-Gag Bill,” designed to punish whistleblowers who document and expose criminal activity at North Carolina’s factory farms and slaughterhouses.
     The ag-gag bill was opposed by the overwhelming majority of North Carolina residents, as well as animal protection, food safety, environmental, and civil liberties groups nationwide, because it would have perpetuated animal abuse and endangered workers’ rights, consumer health and safety, and the freedom of journalists, employees, and the public at large to share information about something as fundamental as our food supply.
     The North Carolina legislature should stop wasting time and taxpayer money by repeatedly introducing unconstitutional bills that would sweep evidence of criminal activity under the rug. Instead, the legislature should focus on strengthening the state’s animal cruelty laws and providing greater incentives for whistleblowers. Read More at Mercy for Animals…
cow enjoying the meadow

Who Says Your Voice Doesn’t Matter? It has! Walmart announces sweeping animal welfare policy

Because you signed petitions, some of you even walked the protest line, a few exposed the cruelty where it happens and those who lent their recognized names. Because of the loud voices who consistently pressured Walmart, letting them know that animals must be treated with respect. Your voice, yes, your voice has brought about a huge change in animal policy which will reverberate throughout commercial farm animal production.

Thank You for your voices in helping those who are not able to speak for themselves. Friday, May 22, 2015 by email from Mercy for Animals …


Because of supporters like you, we are celebrating a historic day for the protection of farmed animals in America!
I am excited to announce that earlier today, Walmart—the nation’s largest food retailer—announced its commitment to improving farmed animal welfare across its entire supply chain with one of the most comprehensive animal welfare policies of its kind.
Citing the “five freedoms”—a set of ethical imperatives for farmed animal welfare—the mega retailer has announced its commitment to ending many of the cruelest forms of institutionalized animal abuse in its entire supply chain. This includes an end to the intensive confinement of pregnant pigs in gestation crates, baby calves in veal crates, and egg-laying hens in battery cages. Walmart announced it also wants its suppliers to end the needless mutilations of animals without painkillers, such as castration, tail docking, and dehorning.
This important, precedent-setting announcement follows the release of six undercover investigations by MFA exposing extreme animal abuse at Walmart pork suppliers. With your help and that of thousands of other supporters, our campaign against the retail giant has included more than 150 protests at Walmart stores across the country, full-page newspaper ads, mobile billboards circling the Walmart headquarters in Arkansas, 640,000 petition signatures on Change.org, and A-list celebrity support from Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Gosling, Sia, Pamela Anderson, Emily Deschanel, and more.
Thank you for being a part of this enormous effort. We could not have achieved this major victory without you.
The announcement that Walmart is committed to doing away with many of the cruelest factory farming practices in its supply chain, including the intensive confinement of pigs and other animals, signals an important new era for animals. It has never been clearer that the days are numbered for many of the factory farming industry’s cruelest practices.

With your support, we will continue to push for meaningful changes for farmed animals.


Nathan Runkle

Protein shake w/Arbonne protein powder

Fresh Mango Protein Shake – No Dairy, Plant-based

There was this fresh mango sitting on my counter and it’s yoga day, no heavy breakfast for me. So easy, so creamy.

1 fresh mango
2 ice cubes
Unsweetened organic almond milk (Whole Foods 365, or use your favorite plant milk)
1 scoop Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix (10 g protein)
A little agave (raw organic)

It was surprisingly light and yummy, maybe I’ll get another mango.

Power packed plant-based protein shake, it’s gluten-free, dairy free, low-glycemic with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, plus no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Also includes Coenzyme Q10, alfalfa (leaf) powder, kelp powder and ginseng (root) powder. Good stuff. And, you can order here.

RE9 Instant Lift Gel

My favorite temporary facelift product

RE9 Instant Lift Gel Arbonne RE9 is my favorite product line because I’m aging and the Advanced Instant Lift Gel is just the right product for me, I Love this product. I apply it after my toner and let it set for a few minutes before I continue my morning regimen. It seems to not only give my face a perkiness but my skin always looks healthy. Don’t need much, this little tube lasts about 3-4 months.

What makes the instant lift gel lift?
Algae Extract supports collagen building and micro Algae Extract Polymer promotes immediate skin tightening.