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The Creative Process

From: Abraham-Hicks daily calendar.

This year I’ve been reading the daily thoughts from the Abraham daily thought calendar to help me stay focused and creative.

This is March 13:

The Creative process is conceptually a creative one. It consists of just three steps:

Step 1: (your work) You ask.
I want to create something, this can be spiritually, business, family, whatever is being thought about/created in my mind. Easy.

Step 2: (not your work) The answer is given.
I ask my personal guides for help and guidance. Easy.

Step 3: (your work) The answer, which has been given, must be received or allowed (you have to let it in).
I think this is the most difficult because it requires action, otherwise it’s just a thought or wish, but being able to allow actions to happen in ways I had not imagined or thought of. How do you balance ego, control and proper action. Maybe it’s….practice.


Liberation – are you preparing?

From: Deep Spring Center

Thought from Aaron:

I am not stating here that there is no such thing as final liberation; of course there is, and that is also possible in this lifetime. But if you decide now, ‘I am going to find final liberation. Like the Buddha I’m going to go sit under that tree tonight and I won’t get up until I’m an arahant,’ well, you’ll see how many hours of mosquitoes and dew and so forth you can tolerate joyfully and with an open heart before you finally head indoors. Remember, the Buddha had a great preparation for that night. You are here preparing.

Intermittent Fasting from the new book ‘The Truth About Cancer’

The following is an excerpt from The Truth About Cancer: What You Need to Know About Cancer’s History, Treatment, and Prevention (Hay House, 2016), by Ty Bollinger.

Many people do it for cultural and religious purposes, but fasting has a place in cancer treatment as well—and I’m not even talking about having to starve yourself for days at a time in order to see results. Simply adjusting the times at which you eat, a protocol known as intermittent fasting, can make all the difference in getting your metabolism back on track.

It’s something they do down at the Hope4Cancer Clinic in Tijuana as an adjunct to the other treatments offered there. Dialing down the time frames in which patients eat from the typical morning, noon, and night routine, which can span upwards of 12 hours or even longer, to a much smaller 6- to 8-hour window during the middle of the day has helped many people conquer their cancers faster and with greater comfort throughout the process.

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Introducing Aaron – channeled by Barbara Brodsky

This came to me today, I get Daily Aaron Quotes:

‘The self that aspires to be perfect while loving itself as imperfect moves from a place of love. The self that strives to be perfect because it hates itself as imperfect moves from a voice of fear.’

Learning to Love yourself with your imperfections is difficult. But, as you learn to Love yourself unconditionally it expands to others.florida, spring 2016, bird