Intermittent Fasting from the new book ‘The Truth About Cancer’

The following is an excerpt from The Truth About Cancer: What You Need to Know About Cancer’s History, Treatment, and Prevention (Hay House, 2016), by Ty Bollinger.

Many people do it for cultural and religious purposes, but fasting has a place in cancer treatment as well—and I’m not even talking about having to starve yourself for days at a time in order to see results. Simply adjusting the times at which you eat, a protocol known as intermittent fasting, can make all the difference in getting your metabolism back on track.

It’s something they do down at the Hope4Cancer Clinic in Tijuana as an adjunct to the other treatments offered there. Dialing down the time frames in which patients eat from the typical morning, noon, and night routine, which can span upwards of 12 hours or even longer, to a much smaller 6- to 8-hour window during the middle of the day has helped many people conquer their cancers faster and with greater comfort throughout the process.

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